Martin Huxley, Chairman, SBMA

First of all, I would like to thank all our delegates for their overwhelming support. The attendance here has been tremendous and obviously reflects the interest of the region. We believe it is now one of the major events and will now be a permanent event in the bullion calendar. We certainly look forward to welcoming delegates next year at the 3rd edition of APPMC in June.

Dr. Paul Fisher, Chairman, LBMA

I could not attend last year, but I am really enjoying the conference this time. It is always nice to come back to Singapore. Now LBMA have permanent members based in Hong Kong to be a voice in Asia. We need to make sure that various initiatives that we have taken in respect of standards and codes must be understood in Asia to maintain the integrity of the global market.

Marcus Loke, Senior Advisor, Myanmar Gold Development Public Co

Actually, I am very happy. The conference was fruitful. I would like to thank organizers especially SBMA and Foretell for organizing this wonderful event. Everything is running very well. The only concern I have is the meeting area is not big enough. I hope that it would be better next year and yes, I am definitely coming next year.

Bart Melek, TD Securities

The conference was a spectacular event. People have participated from all around the world and sessions were very informative. I will definitely be looking into making a big effort next year here in Singapore.

Khin Maung Han, Chairman, Myanmar Gold Development Public Co

This conference delivers real benefit to our industry participants in the region. I am definitely coming next year as our market is changing at par with change in world economy. Sometimes, we face a lot of constraints and so, this kind of conference is the perfect place to find solutions to our problems.

Ankur Kacker, Marsh Limited

I represent the insurance sector. We work with clients ranging from logistic solutions to refiners to traders and other stakeholders. I think it is a very informative conference and a good networking event. It is very well organized by Foretell. I am looking forward to the next conference.

Rajkumar S, Sequel Logistics

It is my first time attending this conference. It is quite a good place to connect back with industry friends and also to understand how the market is moving. It is very well organized and I do hope to come again next year.

Alistair Hewitt, World Gold Council

It is a really enjoyable conference. I am impressed by the kind of enthusiasm by the attendees to share ideas. This is a huge potential market for growth and at the same time, standard needs to be built and policies need to be placed to support the network. So, it has been wonderful conference and Albert Cheng and SBMA have really done an excellent job.

Ruth Crowell, CEO, LBMA

It was a fantastic event as always and for me and LBMA It is now a standing feature in our annual agenda and so we look forward to participate in it next year. I liked two things most in the conference - one, the content is original and high level, and secondly, the participation is varied.

Prakash Shah, World Gold Council

I think the conference has been a very good success for the second time around. Topics discussed are very much engaging. I found audience very engaging. Speakers are of very high calibre. I think it addresses the key gap in the ASEAN market by bringingeverybody together. It is a fantastic opportunity for people to network and understand different regulations of the market and I guess some of the topics are very relevant to theASEANmarket. Topics like the kilobar market and Fintech is getting lot of noise around the world and some of the other issues are very well addressed. Going forward, it probably makes sense for SBMA to engage central banks around the region. ASEANis the most important participant in the world gold market and I think central banks will continue to play a very big role and I hope to meet lot of central banks next year around.

Grace Chua & Anne Pang, Fischer Instrumentation (S) Pte Ltd

I think it is a great experience for us to share our products with participants. It has given us great exposure and we are really glad to be here. Presentations were really good. We especially like presentations from LBMA, and the India and Myanmar markets. We got a lot of insights on how we could market our products and also add value to our customers. We are definitely coming again next year.

Francesco Cattoni, Certiline

This is our first participation in this particular kind of conference. We came across to meet amazing companies; we had beautiful meetings. It is especially significant because this part of the world is completely new for us. Next year we will be definitely be here with bigger presence and I will recommend others to come because if anyone wants to explore Asia, this is the best place to come to initiate networking and build relationships in the region.

Drew Bloomberg, Republic Metals Corporation

This conference has been amazing for our company. We met so many people here. We are really excited to grow our presence in Asia this year and beyond. We are definitely attending next year as well. I imagine that seeing the success of this year, next year there will be more attendees. This will make it even more exciting for us.

Ross A. Friedman, Republic Metals Corporation

Great conference, I came last year as well and this time it is better. I met so much people. It happened because there is big growth prospect here.

Cameron Alexander, GFMS Thomson Reuters

It has been a terrific conference. I think it is the great opportunity for the region to come together. From my personal perspective, I find a lot of participants from South East Asia particularly. So, when there are participants from one area, it delivers real opportunity for socializing. We always need forum where we can talk, network and make business. It allows us the chance to meet in one place and this is always good for the industry. This conference is certainly there in my calendar next year.

Wu Guo Wei, Derekdoris Limited

Conference has been very good. Only thing that I suggest is to keep the networking area little bigger so that we do not find difficulties to meet our target participants. We are definitely coming next year.

Matthew Keen, Responsible Gold Trading DMCC

I really enjoyed the conference. I am big fan of Albert Cheng. He has such good connections that enable him to bring people around the region and all around the world. This is definitely a regular standing event in the calendar.

Kimty Kormoly, National Bank of Cambodia

I really enjoyed the conference. I met lot of interesting people. I heard experts and gathered a lot of knowledge about the gold market. I think I will definitely attend next year.

Baskaran Narayanan, Brinks Global

It has been a very strategic conference for Singapore. We have presence of all industry people here. Some of the topics are very interesting in today's perspective and most importantly participants have come from various places of the world to exchange their views and ideas. I am looking forward to this conference to happen on annual basis in Singapore.

Joe Vu, LME

It has been a fantastic conference. I particularly like Alex Shaw's presentation. It is really interesting to know Gold contract from LME. We are definitely coming next year. I suggest we may switch to other cities, like Ho Chi Minh City or Bangkok, to make it more interesting for the participants.

Faoro Giovanni, IKOI

It is very interesting conference. As market is growing, I am definitely coming next year.

Fred Jones, Jutland Capital Management Ltd

I think it is well organized. I liked the fact that participants are from different domains of the supply chain. This is very important to us. I would say that this conference is more supply chain focused and I must admit that this conference is better in this perspective than most of the conference I attend. I do really expect to come next year. I am looking forward for more participants from supply chain next year and particularly more insights on Fintech next year.

Ounesh Reebye, Wheaton Precious Metals International Limited

I am attending for the first time and I think it is a very good conference. For the fact that it is only in its second year, the number of attendance is impressive. I wish the conference all the best to grow and hopefully, will be looking forward to come again.

Do Minh Phu, Doji Group

It has been a great conference for me. Mr Martin Huxley and Mr. Albert Cheng invited me here and as a speaker I presented Vietnam market to audience.

Darren Ly, LH Group, Cambodia

This is very good conference for me. I have the honor to represent my country and I am able to show the delegation coming from 30+ countries that Cambodia is an emerging market and we are growing tremendously.

Scott D. Austin, Everledger

This conference is excellent. It is good to see participants from around the world gather here to support Singapore and other ASEAN countries in promotion of the industry. SBMA has been doing fantastic job as always.

Nicholas Frappell, ABC Bullion

This is SBMA's second conference and I feel they have done an extremely good job. I find extremely good speakers and I think this conference has extremely strong relevance considering the location and attended delegation. And, of course, I am already a big fan of this conference.

Janie Simpson, ABC Bullion

Yes, we certainly had a fabulous time and have lots to follow up on. Yes, we will be there for sure for the next year. The party was a great success and we will definitely do it again next year.