Kilobar Pavilion

We are pleased to introduce KILOBAR PAVILION at Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference from 2019.

Apart from exhibition, we have created space for Pavilion to exclusively showcase Kilobars. This will be a very good opportunity to refiners to showcase and market their Kilobars exclusively through this Pavilion.

Benefit Proposition to Kilobar Producing Refiners:

  1. Emphasize & showcase your product offerings to the delegates
  2. Focused branding of your refinery to gain maximum mileage
  3. Physical gold bars can be displayed in lockable glass case


  • Pavilion will cost USD 3000
  • 1 delegate pass will be provided per pavilion
  • Refinery can purchase additional delegate passes at Asean discounted rate
  • Each pavilion can display not more than 2 kilobars
  • The Pavilion panel can be branded as per your design at additional cost
  • We shall provide pavilion space as per the sample image
  • Size of pavilion: Panel L1000mm x Ht2500mm, lockable glass cabinet sized 1000mm X 500mm, 13Amp power outlet x 1, 100w Spotlight x 1
  • Transportation and Security arrangements is not included & is at refinery risk
               (Click to enlarge)