Martin Huxley, Chairman, SBMA

First of all, I would like to thank all our delegates for their overwhelming support. The attendance here has been tremendous and obviously reflects the interest of the region. We believe it is now one of the major events and will now be a permanent event in the bullion calendar. We certainly look forward to welcoming delegates next year at the 3rd edition of APPMC in June.

Dr. Paul Fisher, Chairman, LBMA

I could not attend last year, but I am really enjoying the conference this time. It is always nice to come back to Singapore. Now LBMA have permanent members based in Hong Kong to be a voice in Asia. We need to make sure that various initiatives that we have taken in respect of standards and codes must be understood in Asia to maintain the integrity of the global market.

Marcus Loke, Senior Advisor, Myanmar Gold Development Public Co

Actually, I am very happy. The conference was fruitful. I would like to thank organizers especially SBMA and Foretell for organizing this wonderful event. Everything is running very well. The only concern I have is the meeting area is not big enough. I hope that it would be better next year and yes, I am definitely coming next year.

Bart Melek, TD Securities

The conference was a spectacular event. People have participated from all around the world and sessions were very informative. I will definitely be looking into making a big effort next year here in Singapore.

Khin Maung Han, Chairman, Myanmar Gold Development Public Co

This conference delivers real benefit to our industry participants in the region. I am definitely coming next year as our market is changing at par with change in world economy. Sometimes, we face a lot of constraints and so, this kind of conference is the perfect place to find solutions to our problems.