SBMA LogoThe Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) is a non-profit organisation established in 1993 representing key stakeholders from the precious metals industry, including bullion banks, exchanges, refineries, bullion merchants and secured logistics support companies.

The association plays a pivotal role in the development of the precious metals market in Singapore and beyond, connecting regulatory bodies and industry players, as well as promoting the Asian precious metals market internationally.

SBMA's vision is to make Singapore a trading hub and nerve centre in Asia for the precious metals industry, building on the country's innate attributes of neutrality, stability, excellent connectivity and reputation as an important centre of finance

For more Information, please visit https://sbma.org.sg

Eventell LogoEventell Global Advisory Private Limited is an advisory, consulting, publication & conference organisation formed by experienced professionals with over 24 years of experience & specialised in creating industry platforms (physical, digital and hybrid versions) for commodity sector through path-breaking conferences and industry-relevant research and insights.

Eventell provides concise insights on global bullion market and industry through its web portal, www.bullionworld.in and a monthly magazine by the same name.

Eventell is pleased to work with SBMA in managing the Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference 2024.

For more information on Eventell, please write to vinayak@eventellglobal.com